How to choose an integrated solar Street lamp configuration?
  • 作者:鼎鸿照明
  • 发表时间:2015-05-19 06:02

How to choose solar lighting configuration model of integration, first of all to find out some information:

1, first of all, assess your area to understand its climatic conditions and sunshine conditions.
2, what is your application? For road lighting or non Road, non road type, usually parks or residential roads?.
3, are there any special requirements for brightness and installation? What is the range of lighting you need to install?
The following is for your reference:

First, the selection of rural applications:
A, installation 5-6M height: usually choose power is 20W, 12W, 10W., is characterized by high brightness, power. Very suitable for rural areas, parks, sidewalks, or width of the highway in 8-12M
B, installation 4-5M height: usually choose power is 10W, 8W, 5W, is characterized by small and medium power, cost-effective Suitable for rural road and roadway lighting. Suitable for rural, residential, park and other sidewalks or width in the 6-10M highway 
Two 、 installation evaluation:
The installation is simple, only need to be a straight rod lay the foundation, can be installed, usually 2 workers does not require the use of large equipment, do not need the guidance of technical staff, in 5 minutes can be installed in a street.
Three, matters needing attention:
Usually you don't need to pay attention to anything. You just need to avoid a tree or a tall building to avoid the installation of a sun trap.
In addition, in the northern market (temperature below 0 degrees more than 10 days in the region), you need to choose a low temperature model.