integrated solar Street lamp lumen value refers to what?
  • 作者:鼎鸿照明
  • 发表时间:2017-09-08 06:03

The so-called lumens, is a unit of luminous flux, Luminous flux (Luminous flux) refers to the visible light that human eyes can feel Radiated power , Which is equal to one unit of time Band Radiation energy And the Band See rates Product.

Lumen is a Candle (CD, candela Candela, luminous intensity unit, equivalent to a normal candle the luminous intensity) in a solid angle (on the unit sphere of RADIUS 1 m 1-square-meter spherical angle of the sphere-cone represents and its corresponding section in the Central angle of about 65 °) on the total emission flux.

Currently integration of solar Street lamp lumen value of finished products reach 130LM/W. mean solar street light LED Angel eyes integration finished output lumens value does not refer to the lumen output of LED lamp bead (if lamp lumen output is greater than the 130LM/W). more information on lumen may visit integrated solar website Learn about “lumens” and other optics.