Integrated solar Street lamp color temperature is?
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  • 发表时间:2017-09-01 06:04

Color temperature (Colo (u) r temperature) is a light source Light and color Scale in units of k (Kelvin), the color temperature of the light source is by comparing its color and thermal blackbody radiation to determine the theory. Some common light source’s color temperature: standard candle for 1930K (Kelvin temperature units ), tungsten 2760-2900K; fluorescent lamps 3000K Flash3800K, at noon the Sun is 5600K; electronic Flash 6000K Sky 12000-18000K.

Integrated solar Street lamp color temperature is usually in both 5000K-5500K and 4000-5000K, more information on the LED color temperature can land an integrated solar website Learn about “color temperature” and other optics.