Lighting technology LED the town of Yiwu projects amounted t
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According to Reuters seemed to be overnight, as the “world supermarket” of Yiwu of a new card–light source science and technology town.

Town northeast of Yiwu, provincial information and optical high-tech Park. It’s planning to develop semiconductor optoelectronic industry, smart home, networked device development and manufacturing industries, supplemented by both leisure and tourism features, to create the world center of the LED industry.

Now, a small town in huacan light electricity, ruifeng photoelectric, wood Linsen “troika”, driven by the prototype. Suxi town is called out, tax within 5 years to grow to more than 4 billion, overtaking Hengdian.

A year from 20 billion investment

On May 15, entered the provincial information huacan optical, electro-optical high-tech Park project site, and construction workers are nervous, everyone in efforts for the project completed as soon as possible.

And workers since Hua Can decide to settled in the high-tech zone, Zhou Fuyun took helm of the listed companies focus here, every day juggle. His own urging, on May 31 last year officially started construction of the project, now in its production of “Countdown”.

“Research plant has knot top internal decoration in the, extension workshop MOCVD equipment has in place 8 Taiwan, is for installation positioning, is expected to May 20 can into debugging; Sapphire workshop basic completed decoration, plans delivered; chip workshop in place equipment 200 Taiwan around, is for installation positioning, is expected to May 20 can into debugging; power plant equipment is debugging in the……” Zhou Fuyun side heard with engineering latest situation, side drink has saliva. “According to the current progress of the plant by June, Hua Can power LED epitaxy, chip and Sapphire processing projects will be officially put into production. By then, huacan total capacity will be greatly enhanced, further consolidating the enterprise as the world’s second largest LED chip production and supplier status. “He nodded in satisfaction.

More huacan detector LED projects in Yiwu, Yiwu ruifeng photoelectric LED near the the project has created “when signing, current year born, year started, went into production” “Yiwu speed.”

A total investment of 2 billion yuan of Yiwu ruifeng photoelectric LED projects, major construction LED Assembly and test manufacturing base and advanced energy projects. The construction project is divided into 2 periods, one phase of the project covers an area of 100 acres. Projects signed in February last year, May 18, officially started in December, achieved the first product line. “This year, we plan to base achieved sales of more than 800 million yuan in Yiwu, 20% growth, and that the company will reach 1.5 billion yuan. In other words, about half of production and sale will be completed in Yiwu. “Yiwu ruifeng photoelectric said Gong Yaling, Director of the project.

Meanwhile, the high-tech zone with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan Mu Lin Sen LED project, the project covers an area of 600 acres. Since formally signed in August last year, the project, the current project is in order.

Hua Can photoelectric, ruifeng photoelectric and mulinsen three LED enterprises have landed, several big projects totaling about 20 billion yuan investment, LED all industries in Yiwu is realized “a possibility.” Meanwhile, huacan introduced optical LED projects in Yiwu, fill the gaps in Zhejiang Province LED industry chain.

“Light town of science and technology will form a cluster of industry production value over the hundreds of billions, we want to be represented by sanan optoelectronics Xiamen than than one. “Not long ago, city leaders say, a few years, it will become the domestic and international LED industry Center, which will greatly facilitate the process of city development.

“Tiger’s food” “fall in love”

Many people surprised by how Yiwu is more than a year’s time, from blank to so many large, listed companies gather, and assigned to the enterprise belongs on the middle and lower reaches, form a chain?

Municipal people’s Congress, Deputy Director, high-tech zone Party Committee Secretary Zhu song concluded: “the food from the Lions, Rob meat in the Wolf’s mouth, and also by the way they talk about ‘ love ‘. 

Take huacan photovoltaic projects, in high-tech zone know Hua Can optoelectronic ready LED wafer project, Hubei, Jiangsu has a Government, huacan settled policies.Hua Can photovoltaic project located in Yiwu, staff members dozens of times to and from the high-tech district, Hubei, Jiangsu, huacan photoelectric contact Board members, briefed them on the current investment environment in Yiwu, talent and labor, government efficiency and execution, and so on. Song Zhu is followed Zhou Fuyun commute, carrying privately purchased bean curd skin to Shanghai to major shareholders to pay, invited the Board of Directors of the company held in Yiwu. For this project, his door and ran 47 times, end the Directors agreed, the project landed in Yiwu.

Similarly, 2 billion yuan of the ruifeng photoelectric LED project, nearly whispering in a foreign land. It is understood that before choosing to invest in Yiwu, ruifeng photoelectric has to negotiate with a city in Southwest China has completed, only to be finally a piece of paper. However, industrial park, Yiwu city, news of immediately headed to Shenzhen “bride”. “There were 5 local competition for projects, we almost signed ‘ halt ‘. “Zhu song said.

In order to make these projects successfully landed, high-tech zone also set up “waiter” offices, and ten service measures, promote full agent for enterprises providing “one-on-one” nanny service, everything has a green channel, a commitment to cash one by one, Hua Can really feel full of sincerity, VTech and other enterprises. On May 18 last year, ruifeng photoelectric official opening ceremony of the project, said Gong Weibin with great feeling: “back to Yiwu ruifeng photoelectric is the right choice.