2017 the seventh Shanghai lighting technology and applicatio
  • 作者:鼎鸿照明
  • 发表时间:2017-09-01 06:10

On May 19, 2017 seventh Shanghai lighting technology and application trends Forum lamps city exhibition held at the Conference Centre in Shanghai. The Forum was organized by the Shanghai illumination electric appliance Trade Association hosted, illuminating engineering society, Institute of electric light source, Fudan University in Shanghai, Shanghai lamps city market management are contracted, and supported by China lighting Association, the China Association of lighting industry, Shanghai Hongkou District Government guidance.

China illuminating engineering society Dou Linping, China Association of lighting industry, Chairman of the Secretary-General Chen Yansheng, Vice Dean of school of Economics, Fudan University Wesson intelligent manufacturing Institute, Ministry of huaxin Research Institute Chief Economist Wei Zhiqiang, Shanghai feilo acoustics, President of Zhuang Shenan, mulinsen Marketing Director Sun Shaofeng and other distinguished guests will attend the Forum.

It is understood that the lighting technology and application Forum in Shanghai starting in 2011, has successfully held six sessions in a row of the Shanghai lighting technology and application trends Forum in the industry into full play in the development of a promotion and guidance. This Shanghai lighting technology and the application trend Forum will from “heart” starting, photogenic Association again together Shanghai City lighting learned, and Fudan University source Institute, to “deepening supply side reform, and optimization lighting territories ecological” for theme, continues to in and government sector, and industry experts, and Internet giant, and lighting enterprise cooperation of based Shang first launched by famous economists on now both at home and abroad economic situation analysis of topic report, and national area way China manufacturing 2025 strategy docking achieved main hand of report, and Internet giant success marketing reports, under the new situation from the perspective of media distribution model to break way. Common supply side structural reform in the face of opportunities and key points and common industries new economy, new technologies, new applications, new model road, search and optimization of lighting industry healthy development of new eco-system.