Landscape lighting market in 2017 China’s development moment
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  • 发表时间:2017-04-12 06:12

According to us in recent years, benefiting from the implementation of relevant national policies, urban landscape lighting engineering began to gradually put on the agenda, has even become the standard of urban planning in the eyes. “Landscape lighting to form a unique style and character of the city, local governments are more concerned about the development of the urban landscape lighting and constant introduction of lighting engineering project, has brought more opportunities for LED lighting business. 

Take the 2016 at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou during the city’s landscape lighting projects with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan. LED outdoor lighting LED market worthy of fresh air. According to Agency estimates, is expected in 2017, China on outdoor LED lighting production value is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan.

To alleviate the financial pressures the Government infrastructure, energy conservation and emissions reduction and energy efficiency improvement of public resources, advance the reform of marketization of public resources, many new tendering of government projects are using the PPP model. Only recent tender for public release:

New urbanization in Dali city municipal (urban and rural) lighting enhance the transformation of PPP project for the domestic public tender, and estimates a total investment of 517.711 million Yuan;

Qingdao built street reconstruction project (PPP) project (project number: DAO 2017094a) public tender, a total investment of about 104.42 million Yuan.

Thirteen-Five “period, the planned investment of 200 billion yuan in Changchun City lighting and other projects.

On April 9, issued by the Nanjing city wall protection and use a two-year plan of action, this year and next, will optimize the walls of Nanjing functional lighting, to create a light show show the historical connotation of the city walls, tour wall improvement experience, make the walls further integration into urban life.

  What is a PPP model?

PPP project is a national policy to develop innovative models of the new situation, encouraging the active participation of social capital and social infrastructure.

The past more than 20 years, PPP has achieved significant results across the globe and is widely used in various spheres of government franchises. According to estimates, 1985 to 2011, on behalf of the global infrastructure PPP value reached 775.1 billion dollars, which accounted for 45.6% in Europe, Asia and Australia accounted for 24.2%, Mexico, Latin America accounted for 11.4%, 8.8%, 5.8%, the United States and Canada respectively.

PPP itself has a unique set of advantages: one is to increase the efficiency of investment and financing and construction management, PPP Government strategic planning, organization and coordination patterns can be advantage, enterprise project management, technical innovation and financial institution financing advantages combine effectively, form together. Second, to control local government debt risk, especially in the current context of limited financial resources of the Government, introducing social capital investment projects, in order to expand the financing channel provides an important way. Third, help to promote the reform and innovation of the financing platforms.

PPP project floor rate 49.7%

PPP Center data show that national PPP demonstration project at the end of December 2016, amounted to 743, investment of 1.86 trillion yuan. Among them, have contracted to French 363, investment of more than 938 billion; landing 49.7%, model I, II, III floor, respectively, and 100% and 42.9%.

Treasury PPP project in 2014 for the first batch of 22 (originally for 30, has started redeployment of 6, the redeployment of 2), 70.9 billion yuan in investment in 2015 and second batch of 205 (originally for the 206, the redeployment of 1), capital cost of 626.7 billion yuan in 2016, 516 in the third instalment, investment of 1.17 trillion yuan.

E20, Executive Director of Xue Tao now PPP project ground acceleration, Government, social capital and financial institutions three sides are gradually adapt to the pace of PPP in transition. Services (including environmental), traffic is the PPP investment giants, will remain high for some time in the future trend of monthly placement, only one non-State-owned enterprises on the list, annual rankings are not seen, but do not expect more than 3, total visible scale, State-owned enterprises has obvious advantages.

From major companies, often winning large urban landscape lighting engineering projects, urban construction, particularly construction of landscape lighting has been launched. Compared with Europe and the United States cities, urban construction in China is relatively backward, landscape lighting is obsolete. With the upgrading of China’s international status, enhanced to attract foreign investment and overseas tourists to the city increased, the upgrading of urban landscape lighting and scenic landscape lighting also accelerated the process. In the traditional lighting of the “Red Sea” tide, landscape lighting, high margin, high return advantage becomes more and more LED market focus of the enterprise.