Of the reliability test method of LED lighting standards rel
  • 作者:鼎鸿照明
  • 发表时间:2017-08-31 05:36

According to us according to the AQSIQ and SAC publication of the national standard of the people’s Republic of China bulletin 2017 of 11th, a new set of recommended national standards GB/T33721-2017 recently published of the reliability test method of LED lamps, implementation date: 2017-12-01.

The standard drafting units: Shanghai times of light lighting electrical detection limited, and national lamps quality supervision test center, and national source quality supervision Test Center (Shanghai), and Changzhou photoelectric Technology Institute, and general electrical lighting limited, and road Corning (China) investment limited, and Guangdong Province Dongguan quality supervision detection Center, and Philips lamps (Shanghai) limited, and Changzhou products quality supervision test by, and Guangzhou game West photoelectric standard detection Institute limited, and op lighting Corporation, and Shanghai yaming lighting Corporation, NVC lighting (China) Ltd, huarong technologies company limited, Zhejiang sunny lighting electric group company limited, Jiangsu haomai lighting technology co, Marsh green lighting, legislation, Taizhou city, China lighting equipment co., Ltd.

The standard main drafters: Li Weijun, and Zhang Tao, and Lv Jiawei, and Zhang Haicong, and Li Zhongkai, Yu then road, Li Benliang, Sang Gaoyuan, Shi Chaoyang, Zhou gang, and Zhou Ding, and Zhu Huarong, and xiongfei, and Li Miaohua, and Chen yiping’s, and Gong Pu, and Xu Jianxing, Jackie Chan, Ni Wei, Shi Xiaohong, Chen Super.